KMtool: Kinetic Modeling Toolbox

Kinetic Modeling Toolbox designed to estimate kinetic parameters from 4D PET and DCE-MRI dataset at a ROI level



November 14, 2017 –> [Check the related blog post]

> Fixed some issues on code duplication

> Created a setup file to add all the needed source files to Matlab's path

> Added some new colormap and a multiple choice of how to set up colorbar limit to improve the quality of image visualization 

> Added a new example dataset with heart data

June, 2017

> First commit and publication of the toolbox on GitHub

A few screenshots:

Loading 4D volume:

alt text

Select colormap and adjust visual scale:

alt text

Main window after loading 4D volume:

alt text

Roi selection mode (example: selecting input function):

alt text

Fitting image-derived AIF with a theoretical model:

alt text

After selecting a tissue ROI, choose the suitable model:

alt text

Fitting result:

alt text


alt text

Michele Scipioni
Postdoctoral Research Fellow