Calling Matlab (custom) functions from Python

Different strategies to call and use matlab scripts and functions from Python code.

Blind Source Separation (BSS) with the Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox

How to do Blind Source Separation (BSS) using algorithms available in the Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox.

Calculating the posterior probability distribution of parameters with emcee python module

Exploring the functionality of the ***emcee*** and ***pymc*** Python modules.

Fitting theoretical model to data in python

Basic ideas about curve fitting, in Python.

How to read DICOM files into Python

Read header information and load data from DICOM files, in Python.

PCA tutorial using scikit-learn python module

Here we'll explore Principal Component Analysis, which is an extremely useful linear dimensionality reduction technique. Using Scikit-learn and Python.

Simple nonlinear least squares curve fitting in Python

Testing a very simple example of nonlinear least squares curve fitting using the scipy.optimize module.