The Influence of Noise in Dynamic PET Direct Reconstruction

Apr 2, 2016 12:00 AM
Paphos, Cyprus


In the present work a study is carried out in order to assess the efficiency of the direct reconstruction algorithms on noisy dynamic PET data. The study is performed via Monte Carlo simulations of a uniform cylindrical phantom whose emission values change in time according to a kinetic law. After generating the relevant projection data and properly adding the effects of different noise sources on them, the direct reconstruction and parametric estimation algorithm is applied. The resulting kinetic parameters and reconstructed images are then quantitatively evaluated with appropriate indexes. The simulation is repeated considering different sources of noise and different values of them. The results obtained allow us to affirm that the direct reconstruction algorithm tested maintains a good efficiency also in presence of noise.

Keywords— dynamic positron emission tomography, direct reconstruction, kinetic analysis, compartmental model, noise

Michele Scipioni
Postdoctoral Research Fellow